Sunday, November 7, 2010

Staying on fire

Alright it truly has been a while and for all of you i deeply apologize, but I would like to let everyone who doesn't have a blog know that the want to blog comes and goes quite often!

Let's ease into tonight's blog with a little tidbit from my life....MY KNEE FREAKING HURTS!! I'm not even sure just does...And also we went to the Austin Zoo and had the most glorious personal train ride from Cody the Conductor...(hope this nickname sticks so bad!!) Alright well that was at least part of my day....

So tonight I would like to ask a simple question....
How Do You Keep Your Passion Alive
(In other words, staying on fire...)
This doesn't even need to be a spiritual question, just a simple question about what either keeps you happy or in some cases what keeps you busy in life...(that phrase wasn't planned but man did it sound good when I typed it!)

I understand that everyone has things in their lives that keep them sane wether it'd be sports or knitting or whatever it is.... But how do you keep your passion for that thing you love.
Technically for me right now that is a spiritual thing but this can work both ways...sooo you can keep reading either way!
But I feel like life can suck the passion out of so quickly that you don't even remember what it felt like to have such strong passions in your life...Maybe for me it is just forgetfulness, or something, but definitely not for lack of trying...(maybe a little)  But I wonder how to make sure I stay passionate through just a couple days, and not lose all those amazing feelings built up inside of me!
So the two or three of my loyal readers (hope i am not overestimating this number!...but it's the internet so technically if I said I had a million loyal readers you would never know...)So loyal millions of readers, I ask you to really find what you are passionate about this week and stick with it!
I will try my best as well!
K Bye,
Tim Coleman

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