Saturday, November 27, 2010


Well I guess my blog has been pretty intense so tonight I will post on the wonderfull'ness' (not a thing) of Psych.

      Lets start with a synopsis (as best as I can do): Psych is simply a show about a Psychic detective Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and his partner and long time best friend Burton Guster "Gus"(Dulé Hill)Solving cases for the Santa Barbara Police Department.....The thing is Shawn isn't a Psychic. He is merely super observant after his father (Corbin Bensen) trains him to be a cop throughout his  childhood. He is used by the Police to solve crimes using his "Powers". And things are always unpredictable and exciting. It Is like CSI Miami but way less dramatic looks at the camera while putting on sunglasses ( every episode starts out with Shawn's dad teaching him a lesson of some kind that comes into play in the episode. After that you are in store for an hour or so of hilarious and witty crime solving.

Well now that you know at least a little about the show I will share my opinion, and why I think it is so awesome. I think the best place to start is the beginning of the show, with the intro. It is awesome by itself, but they change it up for episodes like christmas, one about a mexican soap opera (my favorite intro), halloween, and an episode about Indian people...Which is awesome. Next off I  LOVE the way this show is written, It is so quick and witty! The way Shawn and Gus interact they are constantly arguing about random things and going on tangents it is hilarious. The way they work together is remarkable. Also the way Shawn talks with Lassie it is so much fun to watch. One of the last reasons is love this show is great is that they don't take themselves seriously example; There is at least one pineapple in almost all the episodes, like how Seinfeld has Superman in every episode. And my favorite part of all....It's on NETFLIX!!
 Well this has been my brief description of Psych!


  1. My favorite part is when Shawn introduces Gus to whoever they meet he always gives Gus a different name.


  2. I hate to say this BUT there is a pineapple in every episode. If you don't see you one check Shawn's shirt. I have found one in all the episodes. I love Psych it is so addicting, my little bro watches it with me.
    I love the Bible verses! I'm a believer 2.