Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shaking things up...

Alright everyone (using everyone because someone made fun of me for saying gang and team too much...sad day..) but whatever I get into the rut every week or two of being bored...not always bored of corse, but just bored of getting up early in the morning, going to school, counting the minutes till lunch, then the counting the seconds until the end of the day (true story one math class I counted every second of class until the bell rang) but anyways, I want to find ways of making my school days at least this is where tonights post is different.....I'd like to ask y'all what are some ways to make the day at least bearable. If you have any suggestions at all let me'd be really swell k thanks bye


  1. Draw very detailed pictures of single objects that you have with you or that are i'n the class. Explamples are your phone, keys, wallet, things inside your wallet, desk, clock, and so on so forth. If doing that isn't entertaining enough or if you are afraid that you are going to get bored to fast, what you can do is every class find one thing to draw for that day for that class (maybe that's unique to that class) and sooner or later you can have a profile of each class period. Then to make it even better, you can scan the pictures i'n (daily or weekly) and post them to your blog!

  2. Bring a SuDoKu book and get good at it. Beat the book. Then become sad for being so nerdy.