Friday, August 27, 2010


Why not start this wonderful blog off with some random observations I have made about Texas so far....

1.Football.... I don't think that I have run into a single person who does not have an oppinion on football at some kind of level (mostly males)..whether it'd be The NFL...or of course UT (University of Texas)....or even High school football, These People love their football! The funny thing is that when I was talking to someone a few days back they said that they don't really care as much about Sundays as they do Saturdays....(for watching football of course) It really is a unique love for college football, that I don't think you can see anywhere else. The fans bleed Burnt Orange (not really just to clarify)But I digress, People love their high school football too! I remember the movie (now TV show) Friday Night Lights and thinking,"come on it is high school football it can't be that intense".... I was wrong,very wrong. A game that is going to be played between two high school teams is going to be nationally broadcast from the Ut stadium...kind of a big deal for a high school football game! Am I right? But in conclusion Texans love their football...From pros to High schoolers Texans cannot get enough of it.
      Well seeing as how it is now 1:50 AM I am going to hit the hay...I will be back with some more observations on what Texas appears to be from an observer's point of view.

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