Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some things I am looking forward too...

      Today I got to take a 4 hour nap which was truly glorious. I love that feeling you get when someone wakes you up from that nap and they talk to you as if you are fully aware of every syllable and word that comes out of their mouth. And really just saying what alot. (none of this is part of what i will talk about tonight, but I enjoy letting you guys into what some of my life looks like)

Ok on to tonights topic....
Tonight i would like to talk about how much I am looking forward to winter you know the beautiful delicate snow, that covers the earth like a big fluffy white blanket? I cant wait for that to come to Austin.....
Thank you Alex Bennitt
Just kidding that only happens in beautiful places....this is the snow we actually get in Austin. But in all seriousness these are the things I am looking forward too most about the winter.

Outline of things I am looking forward to throughout the Winter months
  1. Just the feel of the winter
  2. Sweater, Jacket, and Coat season
  3. The Holiday menu at Starbucks
  4. The break from school
  5. Elf
  6. and last but not least Christmas!!
     First of all with the season of Winter there is a sort of ambience that comes along with it. It is almost impossible to explain, but there is a definite change in people and kind of the everyday vibe. People are kinder around the holidays, and that is just kind of a well known fact. I just like the feel of seeing lights on people's houses, and the decorations. (it is not like halloween where if you do put decorations up they are lame and strange) They kind of just make you feel good inside. That is number one in my 6 part list.

      The second reason is one of my favorites personally. Sweater/ Jacket/ Coat season. I love being able to put on a sweatshirt and pea coat know that I will not burn to death when I step outside. It is fun not having to wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt all the time. I personally enjoy being kind of cold, and having the reassurance that a nice jacket is there for you (it sounds weird but it's my life...) There is just so many more options when it is Winter and thus concludes my 2nd point in my 6 part series.

      The third is also ever so enchanting! The Winter Menu at Starbucks!!!  Boy do I enjoy a good warm gingerbread mocha in the morning, it is a fact that not only does it warm you physically but also spiritually...(not sure bout that) Just the sight of this cup alone makes me feel happy.  The warmth of it in your hand instantly warms up your soul. There you have it Starbucks...number 3 on the list of 6 awesome winter stuff.

          Everyone enjoys a good two and a half week break from school. ( this is where the laziness kicks in and I do a terrible job with the last two) Alright  school is one of those things that you count down the days until you can get out of it for a prolonged time, and once it gets there and is done you count down the days until the next big break comes. There isnt much to say on this and i apologize....

        Elf....the one movie that makes Christmas just that much better! Will Farrell meets Zooey Deschanel meets Santa meets Christmas!!

           The last and one of my favorites is you know the whole Christmas thing...I guess it's kind of a big deal... Just Kidding Christmas is a huge deal!! The reason we do anything important in December is because of Christmas. We get to celebrate the birth of a savior by giving and getting gifts...kind of a good deal right? But we get two weeks out of school and get to have fun get to gethers and do fun things like white elephant gift exchanges. Along with many assorted TV Christmas specials. It just makes Christmas ever so splendid.

        The combination of Jesus, Starbucks holiday menu, Sweater/Jacket/ Coat weather, Elf, the break from school, and the general feel of the season makes it ever so splendid.


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