Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Buy one, and change the world
Sitting on my couch with my LHC "So Fresh & So Clean" tank top on.

     I guess this post is for the three people who read my blog that are not from Lake Hills....
         Inspired by my youth pastor's talk tonight...why not make a blog about your roots....I know I know...Tim roots, what does that have to do with anything? Glad you asked...(no one really asked me), Tonight we discussed How as christians our "roots" are a metaphor for how strong our faith in God is.

     Lets start off with Big roots...(you were all begging me to those ones first) and how they are the best base for all plants to grow. So say you are a plant...(I know what you are thinking...tim that is crazy i cant even think about something like that...bare with me) If a huge hurricane comes through your "forest"(your life) wouldn't you want the biggest roots in the world so that you didn't get knocked over? (your answer should be yes) In summary shouldn't our walk be the same? the words of Demetri Martin, "Think about it".

      And now of course we have the opposite of those big roots, which are.....if you guessed small roots you are CORRECT! (spicing up this post) Anyways when life throws you challenges are you just going to be discouraged and never pick yourself back up? (sorry no longer a metaphor...kind of) Why not prepare yourself for that rainy day when you feel like you cant handle it anymore? again...."Think about it".

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